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Casa Chimayo Supports Local Businesses

one of the reasons that Casa Chimayo has been successful, is because they use local suppliers, and vendors, and count on farmers, and growers, to provide our fresh, local ingredients.  A special shout out to: Rudy Cordova,farmer, sol feliz farm, naturally new mexico, thomas farms, growing opportunities, bloody maria, and Black Mesa, Gruet, and ponderosa wineries.

Wagner Farms

Wagner Farms has been harvesting a delicious tradition for over 100 years!
Located in Corrales and Socorro, New Mexico, the farm has been owned and operated through four generations of the Wagner family. We specialize in growing yellow and white sweet corn, red and green chile at all degrees of heat, cantaloupes, watermelons, honeydews, vine-ripe tomatoes, pumpkins, peaches, and numerous varieties of apples

Southwest Heritage Mill

established in 2005 as Indio-Hispano Native Foods, LLC and grew from a community-based company in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a company with a national and international presence. Its main focus is roasting and milling whole grain, non-gmo corn using red, white, blue and yellow corn varieties to produce the highest quality products.

Santa Fe Selection

 A custom tours and concierge service for anyone wishing to immerse themselves in a magical  Santa Fe experience. Maria johnson has a wealth of knowledge that she is happy to share, leaving you with fond memories and a sense of belonging in this enchanted place.

Greater Santa Fe Restaurant Association

we are committed to working together to promote, enhance and strengthen the vibrant and diverse culinary scene in Northern New Mexico

New Mexico Restaurant Association

as a member of the new mexico restaurant association, we have a voice in the legislative process, as well as resources to help us address the most pressing concerns and issues in this ever-changing industry.

Santa Fe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

as a member of the santa fe hispanic chamber of commerce, we are committed to the business community.  our  pride and passion is to serve our members, Advocating for small businesses and economic growth in Santa Fe, and the preservation of the Hispanic heritage.